FoodPrime’s Vermin Control Technology is an intelligent bird scaring system which upon recognition of a bird in sight, will play distress call sound to scare birds away in cereal farms.

The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) identifies birds as the second most important biotic constraint in African rice production after weeds. Birds become a problem from the ripening phase - when the rice plant is already developing and filling in grains - until harvest.

Nigerian farmers reported that birds are the major constraint in rice production. Statistics show that up to 75% of total farm output could be consumed by birds and up to 50% of production costs went into bird scaring.

Vermicon Tech, a mobile, portable and self-contained device stream live video feed of farmland via a camera, retrieve image frames from the video feed and hoot random sounds on detection of birds in image frames therefore reducing human effort required to control birds, reduce recurring wages paid to human scarers, increase yields at the end of harvest, and increase farmers profit.

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